Our Top 6 Slider Recommendations
Published on: March 15, 2021

Sliders are a great food choice for social gatherings, parties, or anytime you are sharing food with friends. It makes things easy when you have food that guests can eat with their hands.

Another great thing about sliders is that there are so many options you can choose from. The choices are endless and we encourage you to get creative when planning your perfect slider plate.

Our list of favorite slider recipes should help you get the party started.

Classic Burger Slider

  • Bun – Sesame Seed
  • Sauce – Ketchup, Mustard
  • Toppings – Shredded Lettuce, Pickle, Onion

No need to overthink this one. We recommend a two-ounce ground beef patty with the standard hamburger toppings. A classic, but very delicious slider option.

Adding sliced cheddar and bacon strips are obvious and encouraged additions. We go into more cheese and bacon detail in our next slider option.

Crispy Chicken Slider

  • Bun – Ciabatta
  • Sauce – Chipotle Mayo
  • Toppings – Sliced Cheddar, Chopped Bacon

Breaded chicken, never be shy with the mayo, and the ciabatta bun is a solid choice for what is typically a larger, more filling slider option. We recommend deep-fried chicken fingers rather than oven-baked. Make sure to find yourself a nice, restaurant-style chicken finger that you can cut into 2-3 slider portions.

Shreddad cheddar and store bought bacon bites are the easy option. but we reccomend doing the extra prep for a superior slider experience. Find yourself some nice cheddar slices, cut into 1/4 portions, and cook yourself some bacon strips then slice into appropriate portion sizes.

Pulled Pork Slider

  • Bun – Pretzel Bun
  • Sauce – Island Sauce Co. (Highlander Honey, Cape Smokey, Spicy Chipotle)
  • Toppings – More BBQ sauce, Sliced Cheddar, Crispy Onion Frites

For the best results, purchase a pork shoulder and then slow cook and pull the pork yourself. There is no shame in buying store-bought pulled-pork as it’s the easier and more convenient option. Never be afraid to add a little water to the pork when you are in the final stages of reheating the product as it adds the required moisture for optimum deliciousness. Use your favorite Island Sauce and top with crispy onion frites. Store-bought frites are okay, but check this video to easily make your own.

Battered Fish Slider

  • Bun – Ciabatta
  • Sauce – Tartar sauce
  • Toppings – Shredded Lettuce or Coleslaw

Breaded cod or haddock are our recommend fish options, but there is no wrong choice here. You can get crazy and prep and batter the fish yourself, but deep frying and portioning your favorite store-bought battered fish is the easier and more efficient choice. Lather the ciabatta bun with tartar sauce and finish the slider with shredded lettuce or your favorite homemade coleslaw.

With regards to tartar sauce, there are several adequate store-bought options, but we recommend making your own. Google some recipes or create your own. Mayo, mustard, relish or diced pickles, add some lemon juice and maybe some salt & pepper and you have your own homemade tartar sauce.

Mac & Cheese Slider

  • Bun – Brioche
  • Sauce – Chipotle Mayo
  • Toppings – Chopped or Sliced Bacon

Homemade mac & cheese, chipotle mayo with crispy bacon, yes please. Notice that we chose the brioche bun here as choosing the proper bun is crucial for this style slider. Brioche is probably our favorite slider bun, but it’s the only bun to use for the optimum mac & cheese slider. It’s important to perfect your own homemade mac & cheese, but that is something we will cover in a future blog post.

Festive Holiday Sliders

  • Bun – Brioche
  • Sauce – Cranberry Mayo
  • Toppings – Homemade or Stovetop Dressing

Homemade turkey is the obvious choice here, but sliced deli turkey is an easier and enjoyable alternative. The same can be said with choosing stovetop or homemade dressing. Cranberry mayo may be something you are not familiar with, but don’t overthink it. Mix some mayo and cranberry sauce, or google something better. This is a great slider option when dealing with holiday leftovers.



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