This is my first blog post for, and my goal is to get you thinking creatively about how you use your sauce.  Art comes in many forms, so grab a brush and show off your creativity.  We do not have to settle for only using sauce and food condiments in the traditional ways that we have become accustom to.  It’s time to start getting creative, and experimenting with the endless combinations of unique and delicious ways to enhance the flavor of our food and the enjoyment of our meals.

Food is our canvas, and sauce is our flavor.  Grab your brush, and let your creativity take you to places you have never been before.

This has been the funnest part about being in the sauce business.  I enjoy coming up with new and delicious ways to use our products, and I love hearing how others have used their creativity to do the same.  I had a friend tell me he put some Cape Smokey BBQ on his donair sub.  I immediately loved the idea, but the more I thought of the combined flavors of Cape Smokey BBQ and donair sauce, the more I reveled in his genius.   Another friend of mine told me that she used our Highland Honey BBQ as the base sauce for her homemade pizza.  I had never thought of using our  products for a pizza base sauce, and I became more excited when she told me how delicious it was.  Experimenting with only sandwiches and pizza is a lifelong creative journey in itself.  That’s the great thing about this, the combinations are endless.

Here is the deal.  Island Sauce Company will continue to develop and produce unique and flavorful sauce and food condiments so you can creatively test the boundaries of your food enhancement capabilities.  Feel free to share your ideas with us by commenting on this blog or contacting me directly.  Also, feel free to use the hashtag #GetSauced when posting your artistic creativity on social media.   I look forward to future enlightenment that will be derived from artwork brushed with your imagination.

Here are a couple images that may spark your creativity.  Stay saucy my friends.  #GetSauced