Island Sauce Company was founded with the goal of creating great-tasting sauce and food condiments that enables consumers to enhance the flavor of their food and the enjoyment of their meals. Furthermore, our vision is to not only produce great products, but to cultivate a community that we can all be proud to call our own.

We strive to create positive connections with our customers and community.  That personal connection to our community will always be the foundation of who we are, and what we do. We are not just some big corporate, faceless company.  We are regular people, just like our customers.   Creating that connection and sense of community with our customers is what Island Sauce Co. is, and will always be about. 

Our continued commitment is building a brand that is recognized for unique and flavorful sauce and food condiments, while providing a customer-friendly brand experience that provides our community an abundance of additional value focused on quality content and great customer service.

Island Sauce Co. is a commercial sauce and food condiment company with a premium, small-town feel.  Our products are made by the people, for the people, and our goals will always remain focused on community involvement and providing value to our customers.



I was born and raised on Cape Breton Island and proud to still call it home.

Throughout my life, I have always had a community-orientated perspective. From graduating Cape Breton University with a Bachelor of Community Studies, to my work in the community through volunteering, sports coaching and mentoring, my passion for sauces and condiments is rivaled only by my passion for the communities in which I am a part of.  It is this passion that I’ve used to start this business with the dream of developing products that can add quality to the lives of others. As a condiment aficionado, I strive to make a difference in my own life and for the lives of sauce and food condiment consumers.

I am dedicated to building and growing the Island Sauce Co community and having it be a community that each member is proud to call their own.  I look forward to the journey ahead and am excited to share it with each and every one of you.


A graduate of NSCC Kingstec Campus Culinary program, Nathan was consumed by the culinary world. In 2009, Nathan obtained a Chef de partie position with RCR hospitality group. This is where Nathan would develop his own style and personality of food. Competing during & after college was also a passion of his. Chef Nathan has competed in various culinary competitions across Canada and has won multiple Gold, Sliver & Bronze medals.

In 2011, Nathan obtained the Head Chef position at Flavor 19. Years later, Flavor expanded and Nathan took on Executive Chef with the company. After his time at Flavor, Nathan wanted to strictly focus on quality and pushing the envelope on what is thought to be acceptable foods in our area with, Elementi Innovative Catering.

Along with his passion for food, Nathan has always had burning desire to create the very best sauce and food condiments. That passion and desire has led Nathan to become the company chef for Island Sauce Company. Nathan looks forward to developing unique and delicious sauce and food condiments that enables our customers to enhance the flavor of their food and the enjoyment of their meals